Align Post Title in Blogger Templates

Warning: Before making any changes to template CSS, it is a good practice to backup your existing template:
Backup Blogger Template
By default, post title is automatically aligned to left. You may not like your post title to be aligned to left, but the option to align your post title is missing from template designer of blogger.

So, in this tutorial, we will change the alignment (position) of the post title, by editing the template CSS. Here I will walk you through with simple steps to change the alignment (position) of the post title. These steps can be applied to all templates provided by template designer.

1. Click Template > Edit HTML > Proceed.

2a. Ctrl + F to find highlighted code and add extra code to align post title to center: { text-align:center; }

2b. Or align post title to right: { text-align:right; }

3. Click preview to see the post title aligned to center/right. Click Save template.

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